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September 2016 sees us celebrate the seven-year anniversary of our inaugural event. Having started as a purely local show for Northamptonshire based athletes to compete upon, we’ve built an unparalleled platform across multiple domestic locations, selling out wherever we go. We adhere to two firm principles:

Safety: Our protocols are borne from the experience of running over 30 events. Fighter safety is of paramount importance. We follow the rules set out by ISKA. In addition to this, we work in conjunction with our Close Protection partners to ensure that all patrons enjoy our events in a safe and calm environment.

Matchmaking discipline: Nobody likes to see a one-sided contest; therefore, we thoroughly research and skillfully match our athletes before booking them on our cards. We have longstanding relationships with gyms and clubs nationwide, as they’re comfortable in the knowledge that we will provide the right opponents for their fighters.



James has been involved in event management for over 20 years.

Charged with the day to day running of Battle Arena.  James’s main roles are networking with teams & fighters, matching fights, booking venues  and promoting events.

An experienced martial artist james is a 6th dan  Goshin Jujitsu and has black belts in other martial arts

A devoted family man he has a busy time looking after  6 kids, 3 dogs and 1 cat.

Andrew Morrison – Event Director

Andrews role is to make sure the experience for you fighters is exactly as it should be.

He directs the running of a show on the day and manages the runners and cage crew.

He holds  a black belt in Jujitsu and  has extensive knowledge of internal Chinese martial arts which help him to keep cool and deal with the stress of fight day.


Kat Watson –  PR Director

Kats role is to make sure the spectator experience is the best it can be. 

Running the front Door, VIP tables, ring girls and dealing with customer relations. Kat is going to make your night out the best it can be.


Paul Nicholls – Commisioner / Head Referee

Paul is Battle Arenas commissioner and head referee. As one of the UK’s leading refs he can been seen plying his trade on big shows like Bamma, Glory & of course Battle Arena.

If you want to know about rules and regulations then he is the man to see.
Running the weigh ins, managing the judging team and being the official Referee are his main responsibilities.

karsten m Lenjoint

Karsten M Lenjont – Master of Ceremonies

As  Battle Arenas master of ceremonies Karsten builds the hype, energises the crowd and helps us to bring the boom to every city we visit. As well as being a top mc The Archer is also a pro fighter

Mark Bromiley – Cage Manager (On the right)

Mark is essential to the event running like clockwork,  a very experienced cage manager mark has extensive experienced of running the the area.  As a fighter he is one of the last people you see when you walk into the cage and one of the first people you see when your leaving the cage.

Mark is a devoted martial artist and holds a 2nd Dan Jujitsu.


Becki Dunk & Georgia Atkinson – Front of House

Becki & George welcome all our guests to our events.

They deal with initial enquiries at the front desk and are there to help make your Battle Arena Event an experience you will not forget.

Any problems on the day go speak to the girls and they will sort things out for you.


Laura Peil –  Official Photographer

Fighters and fans Laura is the person who helps to make you look good!

Assisted by her hubby Stephen they are valuable members of the team who chip in and help when we are putting the show together.

Both very talented martial artists they have black belts in many martial arts. For instance Stephen is a 6th dan Jujitsu and Laura 5th dan jujitsu

chris and steve

Chris Fensom and Steve Be – Commentators

Chris and Steve call it as it happens on our videos and live on PPV. Both guys are experienced mixed martial artist with intricate knowledge of our sport. interesting fact is that both these guys have been battle arena champions.

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